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for our label dispensers - solves customer needs
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Slinder-Line™ Conveyors.
Slinder-line™ conveyors are extremely versatile. Only one and one quarter inch thick, so fit well into many conveying applications. Featuring smooth sanitary sides without any slots or grooves where dust or debris may accumulate potentially encouraging mold growth.

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Standard Features:
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) 1.25" diameter drive and idle rollers.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Any width from 2.5 to 24 inches wide.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Any length from 1 to 20 feet.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Sealed bearings.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Large selection of belts.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) AC or DC motors and drives.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Local or remote control panels.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Stands and mounts.
  dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Drive location.
Industries served.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Automotive.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Chemical processing.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Mailing.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Manufacturing.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Medical.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Packaging.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Pharmaceutical.
dot_blue.gif (177 bytes) Textile.

We are encourage you to contact us to request a quote on your next conveyor project. 

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